Sell Courses Online with LMS CRM eCommerce Mix

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Sell Courses Online with LMS CRM eCommerce Mix

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We aren’t saying that you should have all three everytime. May be your business would need only two currently. You just name the combination you wish to go with; say LMS + CRM? or LMS + ecommerce? or CRM + eCommerce? and it’ll be our command! Our Suggestion, If you want to especially sell training online, opt for LMS + CRM + eCommerce.

Specialized Solution For Selling
Courses Online

So, You have all that fantastic content ready in the form of courses and want to sell those via a beautiful storefront? Great! You can sell them via an ecommerce portal and deliver them using an LMS.

Here, You need to add a third software namely, a CRM! The CRM would complete the cycle of selling courses by adding marketing automation and targeted customer communication in the mix

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But, What about the marketing aspect? You'd need to do up-selling, cross-selling, re-selling, renewal and all the bells and whistles for marketing your courses from time to time to your existing and new customers. How would you do all this?

Gone are the days, when simply using an ecommerce platform used to be sufficient. Now, to distinguish yourself from the crowd and optimize ROI on selling online courses, you need 'ecommerce platform + LMS + CRM'.

This is how LMS CRM ecommerce can
Help you sell courses online

Using Just An Ecommerce Portal

Using just an eCommerce portal

Opt for a stand-alone ecommerce solution and you’ll get that beautiful storefront you’ve always dreamt of, but you will soon realize that it falls short on the aspects of delivering and managing training. Solution? You need an LMS with eCommerce.

Using just an LMS portal

If you consider standalone eCommerce solution, you can have the remarkable storefront you have always dreamt of, but you’ll rapidly explore its limitations when it comes to selling courses online and effectively managing training. The solution? You need an LMS with integrated eCommerce capabilities.

Using Just An LMS Portal
LMS And Ecommerce, But No CRM

LMS and eCommerce, but no CRM

You have both, an LMS and an eCommerce solution. As you wade your way through selling your courses, you realize that audience ‘A’ is accepting your course ‘X’ better and a different audience ‘B’ is consuming course ‘Y’ like how. You are looking out for a way to automate up sell of your related courses. Plus you want to have all your customer/learner data saved in one place as contacts/leads, so that your sales guys can connect with the right ones at the right time.

Here, you need a CRM.

CRM and eCommerce, but no LMS

You already have a CRM and an eCommerce platform for selling items not related to eLearning, and now you want to venture into the business of selling training online? You’ll need an LMS here… no two ways about it, otherwise where will you store and deliver the courses from? Without an LMS, selling training is like decaf coffee; tastes bland, but gives you a psychological satisfaction of having a coffee.

CRM And Ecommerce, But No LMS
LMS- CRM, But No Ecommerce

LMS- CRM, but no eCommerce

You have been training your internal employees successfully with an LMS – CRM integration and now want to spread out by starting to sell some of the courses to your clients, partners, customers or vendors, i.e. external training. Here, adding an eCommerce software is the only option to opt for.

LMS-CRM-Ecommerce in a Multi-tenant Architecture

Want to sell courses in an extended enterprise infrastructure? No problem! Get the LMS-CRM-eCommerce mix working with your tenants like your partners, channels, group of companies etc., and sell courses like there’s no tomorrow.

LMS-CRM-Ecommerce In A Multi-Tenant Architecture

LMS-CRM-eCommerce Simplified

LMS CRM eCommerceSimplified

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