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Dropbox LMS

Sync, share and collaborate your

files anywhere, anytime



Dropbox LMS

Work more efficiently from anywhere with Dropbox Learning Management System Integration. Easily upload

files and submit reports or papers from your LMS to your Dropbox account.Paradiso LMS Dropbox

integration gives you full and instant access to your Dropbox files from within your

Learning Management instance!

Dropbox LMS Features

Easy to Use employee customer partner Platform

User Friendly

Easy to setup, user friendly interface with instant file management access!

Dropbox within LMS

Paradiso LMS connects with your Dropbox account via a repository, giving full access to all your Dropbox files from within your LMS.

Dropbox in Moodle
Multi Tenancy

SSO (Single Sign On) Between LMS and Dropbox

Sign into your Dropbox account from your LMS, without having to enter your login details. Users who are logged into the LMS are automatically signed into their Dropbox account at the click of a button with SSO.

Access, Collaborate and Share your content!

Shared folders allow several people to collaborate on the same files. Trainers and learners can upload any file they need to share and edit it with teammates without needing to start a long email chain. This will also help to keep all your files organized in one central place within your LMS.

acces share dropbox paradiso

Bring all your photos, docs and videos anywhere or share them easily with LMS Dropbox. Put anything into your Dropbox,

and it will automatically get saved to all your computers, phones, the Dropbox website and the LMS.

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