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Oracle ERP LMS Training Platform

Make sure your business has an updated view of core data processes with Oracle ERP LMS integration.

Integrating your Oracle ERP with Paradiso LMS gives you the power to facilitate error-free transactions and production along with enhancing the organization’s efficiency.

Oracle ERP LMS Integration Features

Easy to Use employee customer partner Platform

User Friendly

Paradiso LMS and its integrations are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Navigating is so simple that you can access one platform from the other, and vice versa, using just one set of login details.

Single Sign On (SSO)

 Enter just one login ID to get access to Oracle ERP and your LMS. SSO’s button on your Oracle dashboard gives you access to your LMS and Oracle ERP can be reached from your Learning Management System.

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LMS Courses Embedded in Oracle

LMS Courses Embedded in Oracle

Oracle ERP LMS integration makes your e-learning courses available from the Oracle dashboard, giving easy access to Oracle ERP courses, as well as 5000+ off-the-shelf courses from the Paradiso Course Library.

Sync Course Data to Oracle ERP from LMS

Vital information is unified in order to get a single management tool as well as database. The Oracle ERP LMS integration will manage the entire training organisation in one single place, with one single vendor at one single cost.

sync course data
Oracle ERP

Sync ERP data Oracle to LMS

When a new team member is entered into the ERP system, the necessary data – first and surnames, department, manager etc. – is automatically sent to the LMS.

Engage Sales Teams Through the Latest E-Learning Techniques

Increase participation and engagement through the use of the latest eLearning techniques, such as mobile, blended and social learning.

Engage Sales Teams
Oracle ERP

Ensure the Record are Up-to-Date

Do you have ERP team spread across the globe? Make sure they are all kept abreast of new products, innovative sales techniques and company training by linking Oracle ERP and Paradiso LMS.

Gamification in Oracle ERP LMS

The Paradiso LMS Gamification feature makes learning fun and engaging. A points system, badges and other rewards help to motivate users and provide a great learning experience, meaning learning on Oracle ERP LMS is more dynamic

oracle gamification
Multi Tenancy

Multi-Tenant Platform

Using just one central database and LMS instance, have several different tenants – for example various different customers and partners – and give each their own look and access options.

Run Advanced Reports

Check how individual or groups of students are performing or participating across various activities, and let students see how they stack up against others through leaderboards. Gauge interest and tweak your courses using Paradiso LMS Oracle Sales Cloud Integration.

SSO Between LMS and HRIS

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