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Paradiso LMS WooCommerce lets you buy and sell courses online from the comfort of your LMS. WordPress’ most popular plugin
is WooCommerce, an application that lets you sell anything, easily. With WordPress’ SEO functionality, Paradiso LMS’s
advanced reporting and WooCommerce’s simple intuitive design get the best access possible to the marketplace.

LMS Woocommerce Features

SEO Woocommerce

Built-in WordPress SEO Capability

WooCommerce is built as a WordPress plugin, and so benefits from its SEO optimization.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Access both platforms – WooCommerce and Paradiso LMS – using just one set of credentials with SSO.

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Auto Enrollment


When a course is purchased, specific groups or e-learners can be automatically enrolled at the moment of purchase.

Secure Shopping Cart

Enjoy knowing that your shopping cart and transactions are safe and secure with 128 a 128-bit SSL connection included with the integration.

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Customize Your Theme

WooCommerce lets you choose the theme you want that best suits your company from a selection of pre-set themes.

Tracking and Analytics

Paradiso LMS has powerful in-built tools for reporting, and the LMS WooCommerce integration means you gain valuable insight into what is happening between your LMS and WooCommerce.

Reports and Analytics

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