Best LMS Companies in Europe

Best Employee Training and Learning Management Companies in Europe

What is LMS?

What is LMS?

A learning management system is a software used by educational institutions and businesses with aim to train their employees and customers. The application is used for the purpose of learning, training, reporting, tracking, and administering the learning activities.

Advantages of LMS

Advantages of LMS Software

  1. The LMS puts an end to the learning and skill gap of learners.
  2. Comes with advanced reporting and analysis feature to track learner’s progress.
  3. Prioritize employee engagement to increase employee retention.
  4. Upgrade and update training materials through content customization.
  5. Monetize courses through an e-commerce platform to reach larger audience.
  6. Continuous and robust learning to improve skill set and professional development.
  7. Mobile learning to access courses and training sessions from anywhere and anytime.
  8. LMS serves as an e-commerce platform, wherein instructors can earn money by charging learners for their courses.
Best LMS Companies in Europe
LMS Platform in Europe

Features of Top LMS Platform in Europe

  1. Certification


    When learners complete a course or perform in the assignment, they are certificates that boosts their morale to learn more and improve learner's engagement.

  2. Gamification


    Learning needs through gamification can be inclusive and fun. Through gamification, educators can create a sense of challenge, competition, and fun along woth engagement. With the use of leaderboards, badges, points, and a lot more, educators can motivate learners by rewarding them grades and badges or improve their leaderboard score.

  3. Mobile learning

    Mobile learning

    Most of the LMS vendors offer mobile applications that allow the learners to access their learning content anywhere and anytime. Watching a relevant video, attending a webinar or reading an important article all becomes very easy.

  4. Customization


    Customizing the software according to user needs and also white-labeling the platform with your company logo, images can give a personalized touch to the software. This helps the audience to directly relate with you.

  5. Multi-Lingual Support

    Multi-Lingual Support

    For organizations bearing office in may corners of the globe, they must consider having multi lingual feature in LMS to steer clear of the language barrier and experience seamless learning.

  6. Real-time reporting and analytics

    Real-time reporting and analytics

    These top LMS software in Europe offer daily, weekly, monthly and custom reports of the learners based on their learning and training performance and progress can be generated. The activity status of learners through LMS can be viewed by the administrators.

  7. API and third-party integrations

    API and third-party integrations

    Vendors can allow LMS platform to integrate with third-party applications like HRMS, CRM, Gmail, SAGE ERP, mobile applications etc.

  8. Social Learning

    Social Learning

    With features such as group chats, live chat the learners can share and collaborate learning materials and information with their peer learners. This feature also encourages teamwork and informal communication to learners.

Companies in Europe

Top Learning Management System Companies in Europe

Best for corporate training, Paradiso LMS is one of the top LMS company in Europe and a cloud based LMS that also has it reach in educational sectors to provide seamless online learning and training sessions. Designed to make life easier, Paradiso LMS offers 360-degree feedback to those in charge of training and development. For example, identifying and assessing individuals, tracking progress, meeting these goals as well as collecting and presenting data for supervising the learning process through Paradiso LMS is a seamless experience.

Paradiso LMS


  1. Gamification
  2. Advanced Reports
  3. Learning Path
  4. Social Learning
  5. Interactive Video
  6. Virtual Classroom
  7. Mobile Compatible
  8. Selling Courses
  9. User Friendly Interface
  10. Multi lingual LMS
Pros Cons
User friendly interface Improper knowledge base
Supports DOC, PPT, XLS, MP4, MOV, SCORM 1.2, xAPI, IMS, JPEG, GIF, MP3, WAV, and online video (YouTube, Vimeo) User have to download ppt file to access them
Has a built-in quiz editor with 15 question types Need to work on authoring tools
Self-registration Multi-tenancy needs to be purchased separately
360-degree feedback on your learning performance
Paradiso LMS ensures that you can easily tailor your courses by offering learning path personalization tools
All-in-one learning platform with comprehensive list of tools
  • Bridge

Bridge best LMS company in Europe

Bridge LMS is the best learning management system company in Europe ideal for corporate training. The software provides businesses with the proper tools to help their employees improve their industry-specific skills through different online training courses. The LMS allow the company to easily generate training reports on an overall or user/student level basis. By utilizing Bridge LMS for eLearning courses and/or online training, trainers can easily track goal progress, knowledge gains, ROI and more.

Learning Technologies Group plc
15 Fetter Lane
London EC4A 1BW
United Kingdom


  1. Quizlets
  2. Roles and permissions
  3. Sub-accounts
  4. Custom branding
  5. Course progress indicators
  6. Required and optional content library
  7. Simplified access to training
  8. Instant overview of pass rates
  9. Course/Centralized/Survey reporting
  10. Manual/Auto CSV report
Pros Cons
Great UI and UX - Supports Blended Learning use cases Insights & analytics are not sufficient & not much raw data is available for customized dashboards
Bridge offers continuous courses on how to navigate Takes a few clicks to get back to the home page
Robust platform with unlimited data storage and ease of scale, easy to use software both on the creation and development side There is no way to create a library of media within Bridge
Course builder is simple and clean. The automatic reminder emails are very helpful for employees and managers Classes that aren’t assigned to a particular learner go in the learning library, but searching is difficult unless you know the class title or the class creator

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  • Centralpoint

Centralpoint by Oxcyon is a content management solution that can be installed on-premise or accessed on the cloud from any mobile device. Centralpoint caters to a large audience in a variety of industries, such as Banking, Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and more. One among the best in Europe the software offers functionalities such as Document Management, Digital Asset Management, Reporting & Analytics, and Website Content Management, as well as modules to help manage contracts, records, and cases.

Nieuwlandlaan 111/203
3200 Aarschot, Belgium


  1. Content management
  2. Shared services
  3. Data transfer module
  4. Converts information to knowledge through crosswalks
  5. Multiple Polyhierarchical Classification
  6. Quality Control Portal
  7. Forms management & workflow
Pros Cons
Centralpoint has a ton of pre-built features and is able to source data from many different locations. It can be overwhelming since Centralpoint LMS has different modules for different functions.
Centralpoint has pre-established modules for specific functions that can be customized as needed. Users without much experience in managing web content could struggle some with making their own customizations or building certain types of content.
  • Auzmor Learn

Auzmor Learn

Auzmor Learn is a scalable cloud-based best LMS platform in Europe for small, medium, and large businesses providing more efficient employee training. Admins can quickly create content for employee learning on the intuitive course builder. Employees using Auzmor Learn can easily access courses from any device, on or offsite. With access to over 60,000 off-the-shelf courses on a wide range of topics it also offers robust analytics tools that measure learner progress.


  1. Course Authoring
  2. Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  3. Custom/Mandatory User profile fields
  4. LIVE Videoconferencing/Webinar
  5. Instuctor-led training
  6. Guest Access Settings
  7. Automatic email reports in predefined intervals
  8. Exporting Reports in variety of formats
Pros Cons
CSMs are super helpful, their implementation and set up is easy Course launch process is a bit lengthy and has a lot of steps.
Auzmor learning platform is engaging yet very simple for end users and administrators to use Onboarding wait time is 15 to 21 days
Custom training programs and development to reduce employee skill gaps results in increased employee success and retention Auzmor doesn’t offer e-commerce functionality

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  • EvolCampus

EvolCampus is the easiest LMS that allows you to start today creating courses in minutes. The LMS CMS is uses all kinds of contents: video, audio, text, self-evaluating and development exercises to create engaging content for learner’s progress. It is an easy, useful and practical e-learning tool with a friendly design and is the perfect combination between simplicity and power. There is no limit in the number of courses or users and the pricing is very transparent with no surprises!

Calle Bari 31, Edificio Technocenter,
Oficina 020, Zaragoza,
Zaragoza 50197, ES


  1. Easy creation of elearning content.
  2. Wide variety of reports, graphs and control panels.
  3. Smart tracking learners ‘progress.
  4. Evaluation controls of your students.
  5. Customized certificates and diplomas.
  6. Good variety of communication tools.
  7. Integrates with videoconference systems
Pros Cons
EvolCampus allows to generate a course structure in a fast and agile way Monitoring of enrollments, courses and students for the administrator is not that powerful
Its ease of implementation, management and its magnificent technical support is outstanding Gamification feature is not that effective in terms of learning
It offers regular updates adding more functionalities to the software While creating a course, the menu bar can be improvised
  • Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS

Listed among the best LMS in Europe, Absorb LMS allows users to take training as per their interest and also offers attention grabbing features and functionality that enhances user engagement and productivity. Being a cloud hosted LMS, Absorb LMS also offers mobile compatible interface that helps you to join webinar sessions or attend any virtual class no matter what time and place. Known for its scalability, Absorb LMS can offers scalable learning that simply indicates that your business is ready to overcome any challenge today as well as tomorrow.

41 Corsham Street
London, United Kingdom N1 6DR


  1. Smart Administration
  2. Ecommerce module
  3. Observation checklist
  4. Reporting and analysis
  5. Out of box integrations
  6. Content libraries
  7. E-signatures
Pros Cons
Easy delivery of new hire orientation courses Inconsistent interface in the product
Learner and Admin portals are very responsive Reporting structure in the software takes a bit to get used to for users
Absorb LMS is easy, fast and can create contest, polls and gamify the learning experience. Limited assessment options when it comes to answer types
  • SmarterU

SamrterU known as one of the best LMS software in Europe is a perfect option when it comes to training your clients, employees, members and volunteers. With an intuitive interface SmarterU learners can easily see all of their courses, assignments and notes in one place. The software allows administrators to set up their own branded portal. Listed among the best LMS in Europe, SmarterU can also be accessed by learners on their desktop or laptop or on a mobile device via the SmarterU app.



  1. Executive dashboards
  2. Online course editor
  3. Reporting
  4. SCORM Complaint
  5. Custome report writer
  6. User management
  7. Gamification
Pros Cons
SmarterU is easy to use and navigate Removing a course from someone's profile can be a little difficult through SmarterU
SmarterU is a smart choice to consider as it has amazing list of features Course builder design is not responsive
SmarterU allows users to create interactive courses by adding graphics, videos, links, tables, powerpoint and PDF files
Scalable tool that stores user data securely in SSAE16 Type II, CSAE3416 compliant data center

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  • ExamBuilder


ExamBuilder is a best LMS software in Europe garnering its audience in business, governments, and professional school programs. The software offers a user-friendly interface with permission control, easy upload of videos and PDFs, downloadable certificates of completion, real-time reporting, and also integrates with software such as Shopify for e-commerce capability. This software also offer a manager interface with permission control, downloadable certificates of completion, easy upload of videos and PDFs, real-time reporting, and a Shopify integration for e-commerce capability.


  1. Reporting/Analytics
  2. Question library
  3. Certification management
  4. Randomization
  5. Automatic grading
  6. Time limits for quizzes
Pros Cons
ExamBuilder is a pretty intuitive tool to use "stand-alone" or integrated into other systems using their available API. Lack of a feature that recognizes your standard if exam is done
The lms is user friendly as an administrator and the ease of use is great Reporting is very weak
Ability to review statistics on individual questions is good
  • TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a best LMS for corporate training and also excels in offering the training and learning to several different sectors such as manufacturing, educational, travel and many more. This LMS has a minimalistic interface that lets your users focus on the content instead of wasting time exploring tricky options. The simplicity of TalentLMS is combined with a powerful set of features that tick all your boxes for your business.

239 Kensington High Street,
1st Floor
W8 6SN, United Kingdom


  1. Asynchronous Learning
  2. Blended Learning
  3. Built-in Course Authoring
  4. Corporate/Business
  5. Gamification
  6. Learner Portal
  7. Mobile Learning
  8. SCORM Compliance
  9. Synchronous Learning
Pros Cons
The free version of 5 users for an unlimited time Web contents are not embedded in the platform
It is available at the best prices in the market No live support in the free version
Knowledge base gives access to quick answers Monthly reports of the users cannot be accessed
  • Odoo


Odoo is the best LMS open source software in Europe that is available to users for online training and learning. The LMS is free and help to gauge user progress through performance reports and analysis. Odoo comes with astounding features such as gamification that makes it stand out from other open source lms software by offering quizzes, points, badges, cohort Q&A. Through these engaging features and functionality there is an obvious rise in learner’s engagement and productivity.

Rue du Laid Burniat 5
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve


  1. Organized content
  2. Embedded video content
  3. Multimedia assets
  4. Multi language
  5. Ecommerce modules
Pros Cons
Odoo has a reasonable price Navigation is not easy
Easy interface for both cloud and on premise Pre-defined modules can be limiting
Seamless integration between modules Reporting features is not easy to use

These were some of top LMS companies in the Europe. These top LMS solutions come with their unique capabilities. Select the right LMS as per your business requirements, budget, learning style, and team size. If you want to purchase an LMS and not sure which one is the best LMS in the market. Try Paradiso’s free demo today and see how easily you can deliver an effective online learning program for your organization.

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