Moodle eCommerce Integration: How to Add Value to your Customers

For many businesses, Moodle is the one of the best choices when it comes to choosing the top e-learning platform. It offers clients the flexibility to upload and share all their courses and learning material under a secure network. The system also has many benefits such as interactive activities, quizzes with instant results when you finish, and an online forum for discussion among students and teachers.


So how would implementing a Moodle – eCommerce integration benefit your business? By integrating Moodle with an eCommerce platform, your business will have the ability to providmoodle-ecommercee a smooth, seamless experience for your customers. See below the benefits of this.


Adding value to your customers:

A Moodle eCommerce integration would be a powerful tool for your company especially if you are planning to sell a variety of courses with additional products to a relatively large audience. Moodle is a well-built system which allows seamless integration. Here are some of components which may add greatly to your customer’s learning experience.


The integration of an eCommerce platform with Moodle would provide security for each transaction. Your clients will be able to purchase multiple products at once using the eCommerce’s cart feature. Also, most eCommerce platforms will offer a range of popular payment methods which may range from PayPal, Skrill, and numerous major credit and debit cards.


All of the transactions will take place through a secure network provided by the eCommerce platform. Depending on the eCommerce system you decide to use, many will enable you to create promo codes and virtual gift cards. Promo codes and gift cards can be excellent marketing tools as they can generate and increase sales. They also offer potential clients the opportunity to try out the eLearning courses for at a discounted price.


The Moodle – eCommerce integration would also allow single sign-on. Single sign-on is a fantastic feature as it will act as a gateway between the two systems. Students and employees can then purchase eBooks, notes and software which are relevant to their course. These purchases will then be available for use and can be located directly within their Moodle account.



What is the best part of this? Both systems will be accessible from all iOS and Android devices. Moodle has developed a system that operates effortlessly with IOS, Android and many operating systems. Nowadays, the majority of eCommerce software are designed to comfortably run on popular portable devices. Therefore, by integrating Moodle with an eCommerce platform of your choice, your clients can manage their study on the go.


Provide your customers with high quality material and a user friendly interface by tweaking your learning management syste. Most systems such as Moodle will have configurable components and warmly welcome eCommerce integration.


By integrating your system with an online store, you’ll be increasing your revenue by selling additional detailed content, eBooks and premium eLearning courses. Setting up your business has never been easier and if you’re in doubt about anything, remember that there is a team of highly trained consultants who will help you every step of the way.


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