Moodle eCommerce Solution Based on Moodle Magento and Joomla

Paradiso solutions recently completed a Moodle eCommerce solution based on Moodle, Magento and Joomla platforms. Client wanted Magento as the eCommerce platform, Moodle as the LMS and Joomla as CMS.

We used Joomla Magento plugin to provide eCommerce functionality within Joomla.
Paradiso Solutions´s Moodle experts modified existing Joomla Moodle Plugin so that purchase information can be passed to Moodle from Joomla.

 Ecommerce solution based on Moodle magento joomla integration

Here is the principal use case:

  • Student browses Joomla web course catalog
  • Makes a purchase (using magento in the backend)
  • If the transaction is successful, Joomla Moodle plugin passes student and purchase information to Moodle
  • Student is registered and auto enrolled into the course
  • Student gets signed into Moodle using Moodle Joomla single sign on
  • Student can start taking the course in Moodle

This solution allows customers to buy course and start learning within few clicks.

For integrating Joomla with Magento, we used following extension:

In this integration there is no direct link between Moodle and Magento. The Joomla CMS acts as the bridge. The user data is passed from Joomla to Magento, Magento to Joomla


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