Moodle WebEx Integration


We have successfully integrated a Webex block with Moodle 2.x. Now you can have all the functionalities of Webex closer to your students and users of your Moodle platform. Basically Moodle users will be able to have instant a Webex  video conferencing with the Moodle platform. The Webex integration can be used for:

  • 1-on-1 student-teacher coaching
  • Group calls
  • Broadcast events
  • Online interest groups
  • Record classes
  • Share screen for groups
  • Remote Manage other PC’s
  • etc

It Is pretty easy to use it. Here are the steps:

  • Create a Webex resource
  • Fill your WebEx site, Session Number and Session meeting´s Password

Add Moodle Webex resource



Webex configuration




Webex room created


 With Paradiso Solutions Moodle/ WebEx Meeting Center Integration the teachers are able to :
With Paradiso Solutions Moodle/ WebEx Meeting Center Integration students can:

  1. Schedule events directly using Moodle’s event scheduler.
  2. Schedule all classes for a course for an entire semester instantly.

  3. Attend an online class from  student side

  4. Access archives of past events.

  5. View a schedule of upcoming classes in their Moodle Calendar.

  6. Export class schedule to calendar applications.

  1. Attend online classes

  2. Access archives of the past events.

  3. View  their classes in their Moodle Calendar.

  4. Export class schedule to a calendar application.

Moodle Webex Integration Video


You can find more information on the moodle webex integration on other page of our website. Please contact us at  [email protected] or call us at  +1 800 513 5902 for more information about this block.

Moodle and webex integration

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