Moodle WooCommerce Integration: Swift and Effective

In this day and age, the development of technology has resulted in numerous beneficial products. One of these products happen to be the LMS. With the rapid rise in the popularity of these systems come higher demands for advanced tools and features implemented with each other. Moodle has revolutionized the whole concept of learning.

Their system allows accessibility, flexibility and of course, convenience all packed into a single, secure structure. Moodle was designed and constructed by a team of professionals who focused solely on reinventing the way we learn by providing a personalized, online study hub. For these reasons, this platform is, without a doubt, the leading provider of learning management systems for educational institutions and businesses alike. Let’s introduce to you the basics of the woocommerce moodle integration:

What is WooCommerce?


WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce plugin provided and serviced by the folks at WordPress. This plugin is one of the leading tools in the market, popular for its user friendly design and interface which requires very little technical knowledge in order to successfully start an online business. This plugin not only provides an online platform, but it also provides the user with several payment solutions and other features.

Therefore, it would be the perfect combination if one were to integrate their existing Moodle system with the WooCommerce plugin. This integration would result in the ideal online start up business or those who wish to sell their existing courses online.

Benefits of Moodle – WooCommerce Integration

Many of you may be interested in the benefits of this integration; it’s probably the only reason why you’re still reading this article. Well, thanks to Paradiso Solution’s, this integration could not be any easier. Accompanying this integration is a range of new features which include the following: single sign-on, customisable content, simple implementation of branding, and a secure check out system.

The single sign on feature is a relatively convenient tool which is cost effective and also reduces the time normally spent on registration. The integration will allow the user to simply sign up for both Moodle and WooCommerce with any of the following information: email address, student ID numbers, employee ID, and even social media accounts. This single sign on feature functions as a gateway between the two systems, unifying their products and services to provide a simple, swift, and seamless learning and eCommerce experience.

WooCommerce also acts as a content management system which offer businesses the flexibility to display their courses and information in various, unique yet compact styles. The system is designed to run effortlessly on any portable device including IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS systems. The company will have full control as to how the website will look and the designs incorporated in order to express the aims and services of the business. Using this feature, one can manage the company’s existing eLearning courses stored on Moodle using the content management system serviced by WooCommerce. 

But this integration only gets better. With the Moodle WooCommerce customization proposed by Paradiso Solutions, businesses will now have the opportunity to showcase and sell their eLearning courses and products using WooCommerce’s add on cart feature. The cart feature enables the customers to purchase multiple items, anything from courses to software and merchandise, using popular payments such as PayPal, Skrill, and all major credit and debit cards. All this is completed under a secure network provided by WooCommerce with the purchased content being transferred immediately to Moodle for instant use.

You can also watch this short and well explained video about what this features is and what can actually offer to your organization:


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