MoodleForce: Moodle Salesforce Integration

Does your organization use Salesforce and Moodle?

If YES is the answer and you use both, take a look at our SOLUTION that integrates both these platforms enabling a lot of tasks to be done all in one place having the data from both platforms.

One of the most requested feature is our SSO(Single-Sign-On) – which enables users to log in from Salesforce to Moodle from the click of a button without having to use different credentials.




The Salesforce integrations also enables you to create custom reports using data from Moodle and Salesforce all together. As easily as drag and drop columns of info needed for reports, also export them into PDF,or EXCEL files.

Having both your Salesforce and Moodle reports all in one is a time saver; increases the productivity of your platforms by synchronizing the data of both platforms.




 Easily access all contacts information with the synchronized data from Moodle, enabling you to see one person´s contact with their Moodle activity such as – Activity Completion, Course Completion and Last Login to Moodle

In the same screen you are able to have Payment information for each specific contact. (Remember this is customizable if your organization does not need this payment feature it can be removed.)




Easily enrolled users from Salesforce directly into a Moodle course. This feature allows you to have control of both your LMS and your CRM all in one place.

 moodle salesforce integration


The Dashboard enables you to have a visual on Course Popularity , Course Enrollment VS Course Completion and many more can be added onto your Dashboard.}

Our Salesforce integration is Moodle and Totara Friendly , it will work on either or platform to suit your needs.

Universities and Corporations already started using our MOODLE SALESFORCE Integration, what are you waiting for?



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