WooCommerce WordPress Moodle Integration

WooCommerce / WordPress Moodle Integration – LMS eCommerce

Wordpress and Woocommerce integration with Moodle
WordPress and Woocommerce integration with Moodle

WooCommerce / WordPress Moodle Integration

As more and more authors and training companies move to bring their businesses toward online and remote training there is a huge demand for LMS eCommerce Integration. A big player in WordPress eCommerce is WooCommerce and with Moodle being such a big player in eLearning industry they’re the perfect combo. With intuitive design and SEO functionality built in the WooCommerce Moodle integration is a great choice for both start-ups and businesses expanding to sell eLearning courses online.

WooCommerce WordPress Moodle Integration

WooCommerce WordPress Moodle Integration

WooCommerce has super functionality and Paradiso has brought it’s arsenal of features and capabilities to Moodle and Totara. Features like reports, SEO, marketing and promotion, and tax and shipping options. 

WooCommerce WordPress Moodle Integration Great UI With elegant design and comprehensive store management the WooCommerce Moodle integration makes a great addition to our list of open source LMS eCommerce integrations. With the Integration comes:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – clients can enter your ecommerce, pay and then enter the cloud LMS, go from their classes to the course catalog and then purchase without having to login more than once.
  • Auto-Enrollement – After purchasing Moodle courses the client will be automatically able to enter the courses.

WooCommerce WordPress Moodle Integration

Our LMS eCommerce integration includes:

  • Social Networks Login
  • Auto registration into the course or webinar or conference
  • Customize the branding
  • No manual intervention needed
  • Seamless user experience
  • Easy set up
  • Turn key, bug free solution
  • Includes eCommerce, CMS and LMS platform
  • Salesforce.com friendly- Integration is available.
  • Video conferencing platforms such as webex, adobe connect integrations
  • Support for paypal, authorize.net and hundreds of other payment gateways
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Integrated with Moodle and Totara
  • Discount Code Generator

If you would like to learn more about our WooCommerce Moodle integration or our LMS eCommerse integrations for selling courses online.

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