What are the disadvantages of using technology in the teaching-learning process?

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Mark Smith marianeumann answered

We know that an LMS is a great opportunity to approach the technology to the education and the student, but in some case, it can become a barrier in the learning process. This question, apply to many different sites and I’ve seen it in other social forums, now how does it apply to Paradiso LMS and, what does the platform do to solve?

MartenJames MartenJames answered

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emmabatler emmabatler answered

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Charles12 Charles12 answered

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AmandaTWall AmandaTWall answered

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adamgarone adamgarone answered

The technology as a remedy or an illness has been a very long discussion that had pass through several topics and subjects. The learning and teaching process is one of these critical aspects that you see everywhere, since college and institutions, now in different educational options.

According to this, and in my experience, the principal disadvantage is that the technology provides very different environments where the information can be change and modify. That’s why many teachers or learners still using the classic way, the physical classroom, and the books.

Another disadvantage of the technology on the learning aspect is that the learner is able to distract himself with different ways. That’s to say the problem, indeed, is not the tech, is the use that the human being has very different barriers and limitations that can be solved or boosted by the technology.

In my personal opinion, a good example of a good technology use is the LMS experience. You can see Paradiso LMS as success on this, use the tool as a way to increase the learning and make easy the learning process. This is an excellent controlled environment where teacher and learner can interact and develop their skills.

As a conclusion, I shall say that the technology is not good or bad, that depends on the way that it is used and the way that the human uses it for.




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