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As technologies have evolved, the benefits available to those investing in eLearning have become more profound and quantifiable. The ability to deliver complete eLearning solutions that can spread business-critical, common body and proprietary knowledge across an extended enterprise not only increases the effectiveness of the learning process for individuals. This chosen elearning suppliers also generates significant ROI through training cost reductions and increases business performance. Today’s most advanced eLearning solutions are those that deliver knowledge positively impacting an organization’s bottom line.

Many consumers of eLearning systems desire elearning suppliers with a complete cradle to grave solution. These elearning vendor may encompass all aspects of the learning process as well as the tight integration of the learning systems with a variety of back-office human resource (HR) and customer relation management (CRM) systems. Paradiso solutions has done all the legwork and has come up with top 10 online elearning suppliers dominating the market and can be the best one for you.

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eLearning Vendors

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Recognized as the world’s best elearning vendor, Paradiso Solutions offers outstanding set of elearning solutions that can help you revamp your corporate or educational training depending upon your elearning needs. It offers 360° elearning solution to its users and offers 100+ integration along with ERP, CRM, CMS platforms etc. It is an ideal platform for government agencies, corporations, training and development, retail, and non-profit organizations and offers resources right to learner’s fingertips.

2810 N Church St PMB 73030
Wilmington, Delaware 19802, US
Paradiso Solutions Best eLearning Vendor
  • CoreAxis

CoreAxis eLearning Vendor

CoreAxis has a deep network and strong team of experts in training and development. Listed among the elearning content vendors and development companies, CoreAxis offers services such as instructor-led training, micro learning, game based learning, elearning supplier, millennial training, custom corporate training and leadership development.

17 Skylar Drive Southborough,
Massachusetts 01772
  • EI Design

Speaking of elearning suppliers, EI Design outstands itself as it is leading LXP company and performance support solutions provider that thrives on transforming learning. EI Design comes with immersive learning strategies, continous learning, and also offers wide range of learning technologies such as LXP expertise, Learning Management System Expertise, VR framework and much more.

No. 953, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage,
Indira Nagar, Bangalore, India 560008
EI Design Top eLearning Vendor
  • Leo Learning

Leo Learning eLearning Vendor

An outstanding online elearning supplier, Leo learning gives you unique access to a complete range of end-to-end learning services and solutions. It delivers governance, risk and compliance training, Learning experiences and eLearning courses, for all possible sectors. Leo learning empowers companies around the world to effectively deliver training as per business demands.

52 Old Steine, Brighton,
East Sussex, BN1 1NH,UK

Empower your Employee’s Training with the Top eLearning Vendors

  • EWyse

EWyse is an online elearning vendor which solutions include; instructional design, custom content for online training courses, as well as LMS that allow for online learning materials to be uploaded, accessed, and managed by training organizations and students. The elearning supplier provides its services across many sectors, including nonprofits and education, and has won numerous awards for its ability to rapidly-produce a broad range of engaging and effective learning content.

Trpimirova 29,
10 000 Zagreb/Europe
EWyse eLearning Vendor
  • NorthPass

NorthPass eLearning Vendor

Formerly known as SchoolKeep, NorthPass is the best elearning vendor offering customizable learning platform to customers all over the globe. This elearning supplier comes with astounding set of solutions that are cost-effective and help you create online courses that are tailor made and fits your needs.

6 Upper Pond Road, Suite 8001,
Parsippany, NJ 07054, US
  • Skillshare

Best elearning supplier, Skillshare is a learning platform that offers unmatched flexibility and control and helps you align your learning program to measurable business goals. This intuitive elearning platform enables subject matter experts, with no background in elearning, to create and deliver original online training programs that engage learners and improve business outcomes.

35 East 21st Street,
New York City, NY 10010, US
Skillshare eLearning Vendor

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  • CommLab India

Leading the globe, this e learning vendor India has been providing custom learning solutions to more than 100 organizations in 40+ countries. CommLab India offers high quality effective rapid elearning solution that completely aids the need of modern-day learners.

No. 9-1-130 & 131, Sebastian Road,
Secunderabad - 500003, Telangana, India.
CommLab India eLearning Vendor
  • EdX

EdX eLearning Vendor

EdX is the one among the best elearning suppliers and offers an online learning-based, multiple course-holding platform that invites students to learn skills. With this elearning vendor, learners can learn at your own pace, you can enroll for verified certificates to add in their academic or professional portfolios, gain knowledge to advance on your careers.

Cambridge, US

IPIX LMS gives a tough competition to the elearning suppliers as it offers flexible e-learning solutions and is 100% customizable. It caters to small, medium, and large businesses, corporate entities, or educational institutions and offers elearning modules that can be added or deleted as per the requirements of the organization.

15th Floor, Lake Central Business Bay,
Al Abraj Street P.O.Box 55535, Dubai, UAE
IPIX LMS eLearning Vendor
corporate eLearning

Things to Remember Before Selecting the Best eLearning Vendor

Understand what type of course you want, what is the elearning content vendor’s pricing? Consider going through samples of these best elearning vendor’s work and demonstrated capability implementing standards. Furthermore, queries such as is eLearning their main business or a sideline? Do they have a defined development process? How proficient is the vendor at content development? Pondering upon these queries will help you choose the best elearning companies in India and help you improve your business productivity.

Why Paradiso Solutions as eLearning Supplier?

Paradiso Solutions provide end-to-end solutions to educational and corporate sectors. It’s offers a system that can be tailored to every company’s needs because Paradiso uses a modular system that can easily customize by adding or removing elements. It has everything from reports and performance management to multi-tenancy and built-in online support.

Try Paradiso solutions and experience a seamless training session for your organization and improve business productivity.

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