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Why Cost of LMS is important?

The cost of an LMS system plays an important role in making an investment decision. Whether you’re just getting started with online learning in your company, or planning to change your LMS vendor, estimating the final cost of a learning management system or searching for LMS pricing models can turn into a full-scale investigation. Select the best LMS vendor pricing, which is affordable and at the same time offers all features needed for your business. Here, we will list out some of the best LMS vendors with economical pricing plans that can help you to make the correct investment decisions for your organization.

List of Best LMS vendor pricing

Paradiso Solutions

Paradiso LMS is a multiple award-winning and cloud-based LMS company that offers powerful features and a robust set of tools for the best online learning experiences. Paradiso is a web-based, highly customizable, and easy-to-use LMS system with intuitive user interference. The company is known for its gamification, social learning, virtual classroom, and other features. Paradiso solutions offer a robust learning platform for corporates and educational institutes. Both Corporate LMS and Educational LMS provide an engaging learning experience to the learners. The table below shows you Paradiso pricing, features and range of users.

Observation Paradiso
LMS Pricing $1- 5$ per user/ per month
Features Gamification, social learning, 360-degree feedback, mobile learning, classroom training, course creation, in-built file repository and much more
Range of Users 150+ users

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Observation SkyPrep
LMS Pricing $199 – $499 USD per month
Features Report builder, visual reports, custom LMS, integrated with opensesame’s course library, SSO, e-commerce and more
Range of Users 100 active users


SkyPrep LMS is best suited for small companies with thousands of employees who can benefit from this training platform. It is a great onboarding tool and is a good fit for educational institutes. SkyPrep offers outstanding features that enhances the overall learning experience. This LMS supports multi-languages, advanced reporting and allows for ease of tracking learner progress. It provides several important integrations and course creation tools to unlimited training content with real-time reporting. It enables you to customize your LMS as per your requirement, so you can change your domain address, logo and choose a different color scheme. The table below shows you SkyPrep LMS Vendor pricing, features and range of users.



Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It is a free online LMS that provides scalable and customizable eLearning open-source solutions to educators worldwide. It is easy to use, requires zero maintenance, and comes up with flexible course building capabilities. Moodle is an affordable LMS that has been adapted for use across education, business, non-profit, government, and community contexts. Moodle is an open-source LMS platform, and you don’t have to pay anything, which is the best thing about it. The table below shows you Moodle pricing, features and range of users.

Observation Moodle
LMS Pricing $80 – $500 USD per year
Features Advanced reporting, gamification, easy course creation, virtual classes, mobile learning, and more
Range of Users 1000+ users
Observation Docebo
LMS Pricing USD $10 per customer plus one-time registration fees
Features Easy course creation, SSO, built-in course marketplace, mobile learning, built-in quiz editor, learning path, white labeling, and more
Range of Users 300+ monthly active users


This cloud-based LMS vendor provides the most scalable and adaptable eLearning solutions. It is customizable learning software that perfectly fits your personalized learning needs. Docebo comes up with easy content delivery that improves learner’s engagement and helps to track performance quickly. The company claims that its AI feature allows a holistic approach to online learning. It provides comprehensive LMS features along with an organized interface. Docebo comes up with a robust feature that empowers companies to provide quality online training programs. The table below shows you Docebo pricing, features and range of users.


iSpring works best for small to medium businesses and academic institutes. This is the best LMS system for corporate training which is ideal for onboarding employees, continuous training, and provides online certification with honest results. It offers an easy user interface, advanced content and user management, and robust reporting feature that makes this LMS popular. iSpring comes up with great flexibility to customize your LMS. It has seamless integration that provides advanced data of your learner along with advanced reporting. Get an enjoyable learning experience on both desktop and mobile with a simple user interface that is not cluttered with too many buttons or menus. The table below shows you iSpring LMS Vendor pricing, best features, and range of users.

Observation iSpring
LMS Pricing USD $22.50 per user per year
Features Collaborative learning, gamification, easy course creation, rich content editor, web conferencing tools and more.
Range of Users 1000+ users
Observation TalentLMS
LMS Pricing $29 – $349 USD per month
Features Gamification, mobile learning, personalized learning path, white labeling, multilingual, blended learning and more
Range of Users Upto 1000 users


TalentLMS cloud-based learning management software comes with a bunch of attractive features and solutions. This LMS provider comes up with features like built-in authoring tools, blended learning, gamification, certification management, and more. It is suitable for companies of all sizes looking to build online courses for any purpose in a few easy clicks. This software has been adapted for use across e-learning companies, academic institutes, corporate/business houses, and more. The table below shows you TalentLMS pricing, features and range of users.

elearning companies in Canada

Absorb LMS

A cloud-based learning management system, Absorb LMS offers end-to-end eLearning solutions to boost engagement and learning outcomes. It comes up with many advanced features and tools that effectively empower you to deliver online training. This LMS is available on all devices so that you can access the courses anytime, anywhere. It offers an intuitive interface and customized LMS for your specific training requirement. Absorb LMS is specially designed to enhance learners’ engagement and deliver better learning outcomes while still extremely scalable and usable. The table below shows you Absorb LMS cost, features and range of users.

Observation Absorb LMS
LMS Pricing $800 per month
Features Easy course builder, built-in course authoring, social learning, ecommerce ready, scorm compliant and more
Range of Users 200 users
Observation SAP Litmos
LMS Pricing $6 – $2500 USD
Features Advanced reporting, virtual classes, web conferencing tools, gamification, social learning, and more.
Range of Users 150+ users

SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is one of the best LMS providers that offer advanced learning platforms to large-scale organizations, schools, and universities worldwide. This LMS offers end-to-end learning solutions to those organizations that want to deliver effective training to the employees. It comes up with amazing reporting features that can be downloaded and scheduled for export to specific email addresses as CSV or PDF documents. SAP Litmos LMS has a simple mobile app, user-friendly interface, many valuable integrations, and add-ons. The table below shows you SAP Litmos LMS Vendor pricing, features and range of users.

Best LMS for Schools in 2023


Canvas is one of the best LMS providers that suited best for education and specially designed to better engage users in the teaching and learning processes and increase its users’ productivity. It offers powerful course creation tools to create engaging learning programs. Canvas LMS offers comprehensive and high-quality mobile learning experiences. This LMS provides native mobile apps that allow you to get access from anywhere at any time. This LMS has integrated tools like Google documents, Ether pad, and media reporting for a better customer experience. The table below shows you Canvas LMS cost, features and range of users.

Observation Canvas
LMS Pricing USD $22.50 per user per year
Features Social learning, gamification, easy course creation, integrated media reporting, web conferencing tools, and more
Range of Users 1000+ users
Observation Blackboard
LMS Pricing $160,000/year
Features Virtual classroom tools, social learning, advanced reporting, blended learning, mobile learning and more
Range of Users NA


Blackboard offers best learning platform for schools and businesses that meet customized learning needs. This cloud-based LMS has an intuitive user interface and robust features that improves overall learning experiences. It facilitates to create interactive learning courses in just a few clicks; you can add interesting videos, text, images, and notes to make it more engaging. Blackboard has the open-content tool for creating, finding, and sharing resources without importing or exporting anything; even users can also insert copyrights to their content. The table below shows you Blackboard LMS cost, features and range of users.

Disclaimer Line: The pricing information was last revised on 07/02/2022, sourced directly from the vendor’s website, and may not reflect the current rates. Kindly verify the latest pricing on the vendor’s website before making any purchase decisions.


These were some best LMS platforms that offers affordable LMS at affordable cost for your business. You can compare and narrow down the right LMS options for your business. With above mentioned LMS Vendor pricing and LMS features, select the best one that best suits your needs. If you want to purchase an LMS and not sure which one is the best LMS in the market.

Try Paradiso’s free demo today and see how easily you can deliver an effective online learning program for your organization. Paradiso is a best-of-breed LMS that offers impressive features and tools with affordable pricing models.

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