Some great plugins

Some great plugins for your Moodle LMS

Not sure if everyone knows this but Moodle out of box is not the end of what you can do with Moodle LMS.

It’s pretty common it seems, for people not to know that there are plugins for Moodle or don’t realize how powerful the plugins are. That said, we thought that we would highlight some of our favorites.


Engagement Analytics

Personally I think this should be called the at risk student plugin. Set up 3 indicators Forum activity, Login activity, & Assessment activity and it measures weights and thresholds to indicate what users are at risk. Also is color coded easy reading.


Virtual Programming Lab

Teach programming courses in Moodle LMS. Seriously! This plugin allows users to edit source code and run interactive programs in their browser. Teachers can run tests to see if any files have similarities, set editing restrictions and avoid pasting of text. Works with languages including Java, Perl,C, C++, C#.


Exabis Games Plugin

Add games into your courses with this plugin. It comes with two games and you also have the ability to create your own games. The first game launches Einstein into the air and the second is like the game memory where the student unlocks an underlying picture.


Adaptive Quiz

Truly an awesome tool. Questions based on difficulty are applied and if you get it right than you proceed to the next difficulty if wrong then you continue or go down. This continues until the test taker gets to the desired difficulty level. Assign a difficulty level to questions in the question bank.


Drag And Drop Onto Image

Does just what it sounds like and is totally worth it. This is really an essential plugin.

My Stats

Configurable for multiple view types this plugin gives a nice dashboard. Users can see an overview of blog posts, forum posts, quizzes, lessons, assignments, and messages. This is a great plugin and gives the user a snapshot of necessary information at the click of a button.

Now I know this is a short list but the point is to give you a glimpse of what is achievable with Moodle. I talk to too many administrators and company owners that haven’t taken the time to expand their Moodle to a level truly competitive level. The goal really is to make things easier, funner and more compelling for the user. Whether for adults or children it’s important to keep the user in mind. Whatever the issue there is always a way to improve it. Contact one of reps and get a diagnostic of your system. This includes checking your server setup, Security, Moodle plugins, user interface, and more.


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