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SharePoint LMS SCORM Compliance Features

Check out one of the best LMS that is a fully SCORM compliant e learning platform based on Microsoft SharePoint. We cater to providing both,

cloud-based and on-premise solutions for SharePoint LMS. The SCORM compliant training content can be customized to meet your training

needs precisely. Also, there is a provision for the customers to load their own content. Finally, you get a scalable, efficient way to deliver

trainingto the learners using your existing SharePoint infrastructure—without any disorder, without the hazard,

and any complexity involved

SharePoint SCORM Features

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SharePoint SCORM works on Different Platforms

SharePoint SCORM on SharePoint LMS supports your learners no matter where they are located, what device, browser or operating system they use. Our responsive HTML-5 based user interface aids in making SharePoint LMS work on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones from around the world. So you see, no matter you use Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android or Blackberry, our LMS would run smooth on any given platform.

Registration and Enrollment for SCORM Courses

Provision to carry out enrollment and registration using your existing SharePoint portal is now made possible. A complete catalog of available SCORM compliant courses can be made available across your organization. Eventually, the users can register and enroll themselves for the courses directly from the course catalog and take up the required courses ideal for their specific job role. Because this feature is built on SharePoint, it becomes possible to adapt SharePoint’s registration and enrollment features to make things easy.

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sharepoint scorm lms

SCORM Courses Administration

With SCORM SharePoint, you can manage courses and certificate processes easily. Customization of course pages or requirement based tailor made courses… you ask for it and it’ll be done. This is mainly due to presence of Paradiso Composer – an in house SCORM compliant course authoring tool. Another striking feature, the instructors of the courses can communicate with the learners, while the learners can do the same with each other via announcements, email, chat and online conferencing.

Analysis and Reporting via SharePoint SCORM LMS

After dispersing the SCORM compliant courses, you can keep a track of the learner activities to keep a check on who is the most active learner or who all are completing the courses on time. In addition, for analysis and reporting, there is a provision to create custom reports of the activities of the learners. Besides, the admin can provide the learners an overview of their progress. All in all, there will be a dashboard that can be used for tracking learner’s training, course registrations, competencies, and certifications.

Gamification in corporate LMS

Enhance SharePoint SCORM LMS with Gamification

We understand that gamification can truly enhance the learning experience of the learners when compared to traditional instructor-led training. Competition pushes the learner to work harder and achieve more than simply ticking boxes and finishing courses. A gamified learning platform guides players through their learning path, providing them with strategically placed rewards which drive their motivation. It is these drip-fed rewards that hook the learner and make them want to come back and progress.

Multi Tenant SharePoint SCORM LMS

The multi-tenant architecture helps you extend the enterprise to different departments, branches or to completely different customer companies. The tenants won’t even realize they belong to the same parent LMS. These tenants can have users to whom the courses can be assigned independently. The tenants can remain separate from each other, with each having their own customizations. In addition, cross-tenant sharing of courses is possible, e.g. the induction training courses which is common across departments, can be shared amongst them.

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sharepoint LMS sharepoint integration

Cloud Hosting of SharePoint SCORM LMS

Implementing a cloud LMS is the fastest way of deployment for the ones who want to start delivering e-learning instantly. Owing to the fact that the implementation of cloud LMS is standardized, the level is to which it can be customized and the integrations with third-party extensions get slightly limited. However, when a company doesn’t want to invest a lot of money initially over the extras, a cloud LMS is the best option.

SharePoint Learning Management System operates on an user-interface similar to SharePoint, because the LMS in SharePoint is made to fully

resemble the SharePoint interface. With SharePoint learning management system, you also save on the training and retooling costs. The most

awesome aspect of the Sharepoint learning management system is that it is easy to setup, scale, maintain and support.This translates into

lesser headaches while implementation, while enabling a richer learning environment.

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