Large collection of training videos and streaming resources about different topics, including sales courses, programming, coaching, tech elearning classes among others. If you want to incorporate any kind of those videos into your organization’s classes. The library is goals oriented, which is going to help you choose which one you need for your employees.


idea-icon Sales elearning course video resources with business oriented materials.


idea-icon Software programming / development virtual courses for different technologies.


idea-icon Technical support e-learning courses for help desk and call center oriented.


idea-icon Video resources for employees and managers oriented to improve skills in different areas.


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Available Courses For Video Training Library For Organizations

Real World Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Determining Caller Needs - Listening Skills & Questioning Techniques

Getting to Yes (Short Version)

Jack Cade's Nightmare II: Double Liability - Manager

Delegation: Leveraging Through Others

Microsoft Windows Vista Business - Advanced

QuickBooks Pro 2008 - Basic

Adobe Illustrator CS3 - Basic

Can We Talk?

Coaching to Build Skills

Coaching to Enhance Confidence

Dealing with Abusive and Threatening Calls

6 Ways to Resolve Conflict

Jack Cade's Nightmare I: A Supervisor's Guide to Laws Affecting the Workplace

Respect and Fair Treatment: Preventing Harassment and Bullying - Section 5

Jack Cade's Nightmare III: Caught in the Crossfire

Determining Caller Needs - Listening Skills & Questioning Techniques

Leverage for Leadership in Business and Success in Life

7 Steps to A Lot More Sales Level 1

QuickBooks Pro 2008 - Advanced

Adobe Illustrator CS3 - Advanced

What's Really Going On?

Coaching to Clarify Expectations


10 Essential Reception Skills

7 Steps to Improving Communication

Creating the Respect Effect: Preventing Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation

Assertive Verbal Skills Series: Program 4 Manipulation in Business

Jack Cade's Nightmare II: Double Liability - Employee

Organizational Communication

Microsoft Windows Vista Business - Basic

7 Steps to A Lot More Sales Level 3

Adobe Flash CS3

Adobe In Design CS3


Why Are We Stuck?

Coaching to Encourage Flexibility

Giving Feedback: Advanced Skills

10 Point Checklist for Briefing a Consultant

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