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Banks and Credit Union Training Courses

This banking e-learning library contains training courses to teach the most common procedures, regulations, laws, and safety measures required within banks and credit unions.

  • Introduction to Banking courses online to prepare staff for a career in the banking field.
  • Reviews of the Banking system, a virtual banking library regarding best practices.
  • Course library on banking and strategies to increase profit within the banking industry.
  • Credit Union online banking courses useful to business and finance professionals.
  • Loan safety measures virtual course for business introducing the best tools to improve investment opportunities.


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Available Courses for
Banks and Credit Union Training Courses

Understanding Financial Information

Bank Secrecy: Before You Start

Bank Secrecy: Overview

Bank Secrecy: Currency Transaction Report

Bank Secrecy: Suspicious Activity Report

Bank Secrecy: Customer Identification

Bank Secrecy: Know Your Customer

Bank Secrecy: Politically Exposed Persons

Bank Secrecy: Recordkeeping and Retention

Bank Secrecy: USA PATRIOT Act

Right to Financial Privacy Act Part 1

Right to Financial Privacy Act Part 2

Identity Theft: Red Flags Rule

Office of Foreign Assets Control

Truth in Lending Act and Regulation Z

Regulation W

Regulation O

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Regulation E: Changes Coming in July 2010

Regulation E: Overview

National Flood Insurance Program


Pandemic Planning

Regulation CC: Expedited Funds Act

Regulation E: Error Resolution Procedures

Regulation E: Electronic Check Conversion (ECK)

Regulation E: Issuances of Access Devices

Regulation E: Electronic Terminal Receipts and Periodic Statements

Financial Basics: Banks

Financial Basics: Bank Regulations

Financial Basics: Bank Assets

Financial Basics: Calculating Percentages

Financial Basics: Interest Rates

Credit Unions

Credit Union Regulations

Credit Union Services

Credit Union and Banks: the Differences

Consumer Privacy Act

Check Kiting

Teller Cash Handling

Responsibilities of the Teller

Four Basic Elements

Phone Calls

Escrow Accounts

Cross Selling

Negotiable Instruments and Endorsement

Handling Consumer Complaints

Robbery Training

Regulation CC: Check 21

Loan Processing: Taking the Application

Loan Processing: Verification

Loan Processing: Compliance

Loan Processing: Underwriting

Loan Processing: The Decision

Lending Laws

Bank Bribery Act


Regulation BB

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Regulation DD

Fair Housing Act

Components of Check Fraud

Types of Check Fraud


Check Processing

Customer Interactions

Robbery Safety


Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy


Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989

Non deposit Investment Products

The Importance of Good Communication Skills

Regulation C: Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

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