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Healthcare Corporate Training Catalog

Healthcare corporate training courses target areas such as prevention and protection, Hazard and Personal protective equipment e-Learning courses, more than 40 video courses in our streaming library streaming. This set of courses will help your organization to understand that creating a healthy, safe and supportive environment helps employees and the organization to grow and be successful.

  • Healthcare e-learning training covers areas such as HIPAA, OSHA, Occupational hygiene, JCAHO and Hazard Communications.
  • Online Healthcare resources for organizations include a collection of training videos from a streaming video library available at one click.
  • Occupational health and hazard online training courses will examine management strategies to assist individuals in their workplace, preventive equipment, and safety measures.
  • Health services and safety training content available for organizations is vital to succeed in Health Centers.


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Available Courses for Healthcare e-Learning Available Training

Another Look: Defining Respect in Healthcare

HIPAA #1 Introduction

HIPAA #4 Disclosing PHI

HIPAA #7 Patient Rights Notification

HIPAA #10 Security Rule

Palliative Care Nursing - Caring For Yourself

HIPAA HITECH: Introduction

HIPAA HITECH: Business Associates Part 3

HIPAA HITECH: Individual Rights

Aged Care: Managing Incontinence

Emerging Diseases: Prions and Viruses

Preventing Falls in Aged Care

Developing a Nursing Portfolio

Integrity Every Day

HIPAA #2 Background

HIPAA #5 Minimum Necessary

HIPAA #8 HHS Requirements

HIPAA #11 Risk Analysis and Administrative Safeguards

Encountering Grief and Loss

HIPAA HITECH: Business Associates Part 1

HIPAA HITECH: Privacy Notice

HIPAA HITECH: Restrictions on PHI

Anatomy: Functional Body Systems

Mental Health: The Individual and Society

Developing a Nursing Portfolio

What Do You See?


HIPAA #6 Protecting PHI

HIPAA #9 Penalties

Recognizing Mental Illness in Your Patient

HIPAA #12 Summary

HIPAA HITECH: Business Associates Part 2

HIPAA HITECH: Breach Notification

Assessing Skin Conditions

Caring for the Frail and Immobile

Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict

Understanding the Nature of Conflict: Conflict Management in Health Care

End of Life Care

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