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Coaching and Counselling Course Library

Coaching and counselling are considered collaborative actions that need to be implemented to organizations in order to achieve positive performance feedback from the staff. This virtual library of online coaching and counselling eLearning courses teaches your employees all the details about this process.

  • Online Coaching & Counseling course library materials include a general overview to show trainees how the career is before making commitment to full training.
  • Coaching e-learning courses shows how relevant is Leadership coaching today to adopt more collaborative and consultative models for leading and influencing employees.
  • Coaching and Counseling training resources dedicated to helping organizations to optimize the value of their teams, and reinforce the capacity to lead and influence the employees of your organization.
  • Training on counselling and coaching oriented to gain fluency in the domains of language and interpreting, body language and emotional influence.


Human Resources







Available Courses For
Coaching & Counselling Employees Training

Coaching - The Power of Questions

The Courage to Coach for Retail

Can We Talk?

So You Agree with Me?

What's Really Going On?

Why Are We Stuck?

Coaching to Build Skills

Coaching to Clarify Expectations

Coaching to Encourage Flexibility

Coaching to Enhance Confidence

Giving Feedback: Advanced Skills

How to Mentor

Managing Boundaries

Giving Feedback: Emotional Intelligence In Action

The Manager as Coach

RCoaching Skills: Introduction (Part 1 of 5)

Coaching Skills: Leadership Styles (Part 2 of 5)

Coaching Skills: Adapting Your Style (Part 3 of 5)

Coaching Skills: Giving Feedback (Part 5 of 5)

Riding Along

Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance - Stage 1: Forming

Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance - Stage 3: Storming

Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance - Stage 4: Performing

Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance-Assessment

Four Cs of Coaching Skills - Four Part Plan to Gain Employee Buy-in When Improving Performance

Dimensions of Coaching


The Courage to Coach™

A.C.E. It! How To Solve Tough Workplace Problems

Coaching Skills: The Coaching Process (Part 4 of 5)

FConcerned Conversations

Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance - Introduction

Succeeding in Tough Times (Lessons From the Wild)

Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance - Stage 2: Storming

Surviving and Succeeding Against the Odds (Lessons from the Wild)

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