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Experience a seamless educational training with Paradiso LMS for Colleges

A well-managed information flow in an academic institution can lead to the improvement of academic standards and can ensure greater equality. Colleges should begin to integrate LMS in their infrastructure and encourage their faculty to adopt LMS in their online learning and training sessions. With Paradiso LMS for colleges, you can create and design courses, give online training, schedule webinars, book a web conferencing with the students and also analyze their performance. This integration of LMS for colleges and universities makes the job much easier, faster, and more cost-effective for learners and the faculty.

What are the benefits with Paradiso LMS in Colleges?

Paradiso LMS for colleges is designed to manage user learning interventions as well as deliver learning content and resources to students. This cloud hosted platform comes with an astounding set of features and assists in the planning, distribution and evaluation of a specific online learning process. Learning management systems for colleges can be also referred as an application that is used for tracking, managing learning process and administrating system.

Centralized learning

Paradiso LMS offers centralized learning facility to colleges and universities. It helps to update and manage the learning material easily. It saves your time and money as you can manage the learning material effectively from a single platform.

360-degree feedback

Also known as multi rater feedback, Paradiso LMS compares each individual learner’s level of ability in a predefined list of competencies by rating themselves against a specific scenario. Each scenario highlights a specific skill that makes up the overall competency.

Better teacher-student collaboration

One of the best LMS for colleges, Paradiso LMS offer simple ways to communicate with your instructors to clear doubts on various topics. This cloud hosted LMS helps to create interactive learning sessions with better learning outcomes. Educators and learners can schedule web conferencing sessions to continue with their courses to clear doubts and improve engagement.

Advanced reports

Paradiso learning management system for colleges comes with built-in reporting, accesses the training data and analyze it to gain information related to real-time learner’s performance. L&D professionals can intervene whenever they observe that the learners are finding it difficult to complete the course.

Our next-generation learning platform delivers personalized learning experiences.

Tailor made content

As per the performance of the learners, educators can curate eLearning modules as per the performance analysis of the learners. With tailor made content, learners will find it easy to complete their courses and understand the courses as per their interest. Further with the best LMS for colleges such as Paradiso, you can also have 100+ integration and can integrate with CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, eCommerce such as WooCommerce and Magento.

Flipped classroom

Paradiso LMS for colleges makes it easy to flip your class, achieving a scope of new instructive goals for your students. In the flipped classroom model, your students come prepared to engage and they’ve already watched your lectures!

Accessible on multiple device

Learning management system for colleges such as Paradiso LMS can deliver courses on web- based interfaces such as laptop, mobiles, desktop, tablets, etc. Users can attend their classes from anywhere and can easily continue with their learning from any remote place.

Competency based training

Competency based training embedded with Paradiso LMS offers an effective system of personnel development and assess the competencies of your learners. The objective of this advanced learning facility is to demonstrate skills in any courses before moving on to the next step of training.

Course Calendars

Course calendars embedded in learning management systems for colleges helps to schedule assignments for students assigned in particular courses. With the help of Paradiso LMS for colleges and universities, educators can easily assign assignments, create deadlines or schedule classes.

Collaboration tools

Experience forum, chat rooms, messages, attendance, and event calendar with Paradiso collaboration tool platform to enhance and share the high learning experience with teachers and students groups. These features embedded in LMS for colleges also helps to maintain engagement between peers and educators leading to improvement in productivity.

Paradiso Learning management system to connect lecturers and students

Paradiso solutions serves as the best LMS for colleges as it comes with astounding set of features and functionality such as blended learning, interactive learning. LMS for colleges can help both educators and learners have a seamless experience of teaching and learning as they can track and analyze learner’s performance, track attendance and much more.

Give your learners an engaging LMS and be rewarded with more revenue and loyalty.

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